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What is CRISPR gene editing, and how does it work?

What is CRISPR gene editing, and how does it work?

There's been considerable interest in the potential for gene editing for curing diseases such as CLL, so this article by Merlin Crossley, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academic and Professor of Molecular Biology, UNSW should be of interest: theconversation.com/what-is...

This report about the development of an individualized molecular treatment for the 3,000 mutations that cause the heart defect DMD, I found particularly encouraging, giving the complex mutations behind CLL:

New CRISPR method strategically targets gene mutations to correct DMD heart defect



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This is great news! Especially when so many of us worry about passing it on to our kids - will be an interesting race to see which method, vaccine or gene-snipping will be used to eradicate this monster - will probably come down to cost of course -

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