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Hi I have completed my first week on the Flair Trial with Ibrutinib & Rituximab. First thing that I have noticed which is different is the large bruising where my cannula was put in & where bloods were taken. Since being diagnosed in 2014 I have only ever had a slight bruise mark from regular blood test. The nurses were very careful not to prod as I had pre warned them that I didn’t have good veins in fact I felt no pain in that area at all. Back again for the next infusion on the 27th Feb but in the meantime taking Ibrutinib daily. I was told this might happen. Has anybody else noticed extra bruising


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Hi Sanphil,

Well done on getting on the FLAIR study and drawing Ibrutinib. Regarding the bruise on the back of your hand I'm afraid this is a common occurrence and generally nothing to worry about.

If you were having blood taken out of your arm (antecubital fossa) before there is more tissue around the veins than there is around the back of your hand which is a bit more boney. The tissue closes around the veins when the needle is withdrawn but this happens less so in the hand and blood can leak into the surrounding area.

Hope all goes well with your treatment and you get a great result.


Thank you for the reassurance as being new on the trial treatment I am very conscious of any changes to me



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