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Cancer-Related Fatigue: Syndrome Not Symptom- by Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society lls.org/ has published an excellent audio cast on fatigue, that has a different perspective than many of the Patient Power and ONCLive videos on CLL & Fatigue and many suggestions of what we can do to improve our fatigue without pharmaceuticals:

(LLS is a USA based organization but the program has useful ideas for anyone with CLL worldwide).


Our Newest Episodes on The Bloodline with LLS

Cancer-Related Fatigue: Syndrome Not Symptom

Cancer-related fatigue (CRF) is very different from daily fatigue. Listen in as Alicia and Lizette speak with retired medical social worker and oncology social work leader, Patrice Al-Shatti, MSW, LMSW. Patrice developed the first patient education materials, assessments, and programming on the topic of Cancer-Related Fatigue Syndrome for Mayo Clinic. She explains the difference between fatigue and cancer-related fatigue, the varying physiological and biological factors, and helpful strategies known to improve quality of life.

If you want to see ONCLive videos


Patient Power videos on CLL & Fatigue



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A really helpful podcast. I am not surprised that my fellow Social Workers are at the fore in this. I will be working on the muscle rebuilding which is an area I have neglected--and I know better, just not organized after 5 years of taking care of dogs 3 days a week and now not doing anything on those days. Planning will come in handy too.


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