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Default avatars changing from next week

Default avatars changing from next week

Hi everyone,

HealthUnlocked have just advised that there will be a change in default avatars assigned to NEW members. This change will be implemented in the coming week.

It will only impact any new HU members who sign up after this change is in effect.

The current default avatar is a smiley face in different colors. This will be replaced with some random avatar images.

If you wish to change your avatar, follow this Help article:

(Perhaps you may be inspired to change your background image at the same time - there are some excellent backgrounds out there!)

Here is what HU shared about how this will work:

The change to the default avatars - the smiley face that appears on a user's profile. This image is a default avatar which is assigned to all new accounts and stays in place until a user replaces it with an image of their choice.

The new default avatars will now be an image that is randomly assigned from a pre-selected set. On occasion, one or two users will have the same image, but this will be much less common than before.

The new default images will work in the same manner as the previous smiley face. If a user would like to change the image, they can do so by the usual method.


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