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Constant Flushing Symptoms right after eating a meal

Okay, for the last few weeks it seems that I get multiple sensations running through my body right after eating. It doesn't seem to matter as to what or how much I eat. The sensations feel a bit like cold chills running up my spine, but over my whole body and they generally hit me in multiple secessions, and then a feeling of really hard exhaustion. For a while I would be very uncomfortable after eating for about 45 minutes, but that has stopped.

After a visit to the oncologist he ordered a series of tests that came back clean, and no explanations.

I thought that I would share this as maybe someone else out there may have an explanation.

Thank you, GUYS and GALS.

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I have had those sensations for years, and still sometimes get them.

Starts as goose bumps on my arms.. then chills come in waves...

My guess its misplaced cyctokine release as the digestive system goes to work to process the meal.

Another CLL mystery...🔍🔍🔍



Thanks for posting about your weird sensations. I have had this off and on and it is perplexing. I thought I was the only one. Tests showed nothing. I have no explanation. I am W&W, so not treatment related. For a while I thought it was a food intolerance but it isn't food specific plus I had allergy testing that doesn't point to food.


Thank you Lexie, I to have wondered if I am the only one. The oncologist has no explanation, but said, "Every patient is different." So I guess this may be my new normal.


Hi Ozark,

I had a similar experience - esp. after night meals. After a few months it went away. I put it down to stress as I was having similar physical sensations whenever I let myself worry about my W and W situation.

Once I came to grips with my illness it stopped entirely. Hope this is the case for you too.




As a follow-up and up-date: I am still getting these sensations, and even worse. Along with these sensations, I am now chilling badly. Even with the room temperature at 78 degrees F and me in sweatpants and sweatshirt. And to make it worse I can't tolerate temperatures above 85 degrees, and high humidity.

Still W & W

Thank you



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