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2017 - Bright and Dark

Greeting All,

Always lurking and reading posts. After 6 x FCR in March '14 I'm still plodding on and even though my Consultant appointments have narrowed to 6 Weeks apart, there's been many bright spells during 2017 - in particular,

1. Free Car Parking at the hospital. (Once paid £22 during FCR Treatment)

2. I got a named 'Lymphoma Clinical Nurse Specialist'. (Ha! that's one in the eye for those that thought I was bluffing illness)

Anyway, while I smugly reflect on this good fortune, I am mindful that many of the member here are worried and anxious about what this New Year will bestow upon them and their families.

My only comfort to them is that, this forum is a font of knowledge. Some of your fears can easily be dismissed simply by having the courage to ask even what you consider the most stupid of questions. You most certainly won't be laughed at. Let the compassion that exists here, help ease your anxiety.

It always worked for me and so I send Best wishes for a Happy New Year to the Administers, Volunteers and the fellow Members of CLLSA.



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Hi Bribin. Many thanks for your positive and encouraging post. A CNS can be one of the most important members of your team, and is something that we believe all patients should have access to. Please keep in touch to let us know how you are getting on. Wishing you a healthy 2018.


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Are you still in a good remission John?

Had to read a couple of your previous posts to catch up.

Did anything with the poster for cllsa happen!!!

Keep as well as possible.




Thank you Brian for your reply.

Yes wroxham-gb happily I am in remission.

I must say how chuffed I am at your interest, thank you.

You asked, 'Did anything with the poster for cllsa happen!!!'

The answer is - Not TO My Knowledge

In truth; it remains on my mind, but was anxious about raising the issue again. I know people are busy and I didn't want to burden them any more.

However, I believe an colourful A4 poster would be enabling to clinic attendees.




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