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Kidney stone and Venteclax

Hi my husband has been on Venteclax for 4 weeks,just about to move up to 400mg and has developed a kidney stone. This has grown very quickly and is to large to pass so today he is having a stent fitted to help the kidney function better and reduce the risk of infection. Has any one else had this problem? I appreciate this treatment is hard on the kidneys. Also wanted to let others know this may happen, so they be ready if it does. Just another little trip on the CLL path to overcome,which we will do together as usual.

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I can sympathize with your husbands pain. I experienced a rapidly growing stone after first (treatment Idelalisib + Ofatumumab) and at start of current treatment (Ibrutinib +TGR. -1202). I had the laser treatment to break up and extract fragments as soon as it started affecting fluid retention-when it was 16mm. I have continued treatment after procedure and have not had a rapidly growing stone problem for last year although every CT scan shows multiple small calculi.

Good luck to you both and please post how things work out.


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