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Can Ibrutinib affect the vagus nerve and digestion?

So glad for you. Moms scan from September 27 shows no sign of recurrent or new mantle cell lymphoma. For past few weeks though has had nausea more loss of hearing and fatigue. Dr does not think imbruvica causing these, but I’m wondering if it can affect the vagus nerve and the ? Gastroparesis. The first side effect is hemorrhage. Stroke? Too many questions. Thanks for answering

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Ibrutinib can cause a wide range of side effects which differ from person to person. Nausea is one of them, experienced by more than 30% of people.

Here is the link to the Ibrutinib information showing the range of side effects: chemocare.com/chemotherapy/...

Good luck to your Mom with the Ibrutinib.


Thanks. I had reviewed the imbruvica web site. She’s been on it a year but nausea worsened in last month. Seeing GI doc next week. Thank you


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