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Can you get life insurance after being diagnosed with CLL?

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Diagnosed with CLL a month ago after unexplained weight loss and tiredness. At the same time my life insurance was finishing and I was looking to take out another policy, but when I told my broker about CLL he said that no one would touch me. Any advice on life insurance for CLL people?

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Hi Colin,

I’m not sure which country you are from but am hazarding a guess at the UK. I haven’t had to do this and can appreciate the difficulty. I’d imagine critical injury insurance was a non starter but there do seem to be companies advertising to try and get you a good deal with CLL. This is only one I saw but it’s a start to ‘test the water’. Good luck!


P.S. if you’ve used your own name, consider changing it and restrict your post to the community. It’s more important when employment/financial matters are under discussion.

Hi Colin,

Im from Canada and was recently able to get life insurance through Humera although it was costly. It might depend on what stage you are at. Good luck

Can you get it through work?


If you're UK resident, the over 50s policies will cover you up to £20,000 max with no medical questions. Policies do not accrue value and pay out only on death. If you don't keep up payment, you get nothing back and cover ends. There is a qualifying period (12/24 months) before you are covered for death by natural causes, including CLL. Death within the qualifying period results in a return of premia paid. You can index-link some of these policies to attempt to mitigate the effects of inflation on your chosen sum assured. Some also charge an extra premium so that if what you pay in before death is greater than the sum assured, you get the total of the premia paid in, not the sum assured, which would be less than the premia paid. I have one to cover my funeral expenses and leave enough for a good holiday for those named in my will. It's pricier than normal life insurance, but with an incurable condition like ours, you wouldn't expect any different. Same with travel insurance. You can get cover, provided you disclose everything, though it's much more expensive than insurance for healthy people. Again, just as you'd expect..

I was not able to get life insurance in the US. I could only get coverage for accidental death and dismemberment.

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For USA life insurance, any policies that require a health history or exam will probably be unavailable or unrealistically expensive when you answer the dreaded "have you ever been diagnosed with cancer?" or similar wording.

There are some types of life insurance that do NOT require a health history or health questionnaire, but I would wonder if they are cost effective.


I just had the same issue when my 20-year term life policy expired a couple months ago. My insurance broker was unable to find coverage for me based on my diagnosis. After doing some research on my own, I was able to get a whole life policy through Gerber Life Insurance. It has guaranteed acceptance. If you are in the U.S. give it a try. It is reasonably priced. No health questions asked - for those 50 to 80 years of age. Good luck.

I qualified for a Cancer Rider after having had my CLL diagnosis. I never dreamed they'd say "yes", but they did. Since I had not yet been treated, it was no problem. So, I'm thinking that your life insurance guy might not know that you might qualify provided you are just on "Watch and Wait".

I can recommend you to consult specialists in insurance here's the number of a great company 844-206-3962 it is called General

Most term life policies can be extended before expiration without a medical exam. They will charge based on your current age though so it is expensive.


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