Ibrutinib pain in cll

My dad who is a 56 yrs old had suffered from ibrutinib pain. It was mainly in knee and legs. As we know normal analgesics such as acetaminophen or gabapentin have interaction with imbruvica. We started using morphin each 4h. The pain strength was reduced but a dull pain was remained.

We added nortriotyline pill 3times a day.

No pain is there now after a week!

The only problem is his muscle force r reduced. He has tremore too. However i think in comparison with that severe pain this symptom is nothing.

A comment for drs: I have monitored his BP and it is normal. Although it is will cause adduction but who cares! Its better than stopping the medicine because of pain!

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  • That's interesting, I have just started taking Ibrutinib on Flair trial, I also take Gabapentin for migraine (have done so for quite a few years) my haematologist knows what other meds I'm on and nothing has been mentioned that this combination should not be taken.


  • reference.medscape.com/drug...

    I have checked interactions in drugs.com before. they have removed gabapentin from interaction list now. Above website is a reliable one. It is better to check drug interactions in this website.

  • I checked this site and input Plavix, which is a platelet thinner, and it doesn't come up as interacting. However, there is a warning about taking these together on the Imbruvica data sheet given to my husband.

    So, I think the list given on the site is just giving drugs that can impact the effectiveness of either Imbruvica or the drug combined with it. I thought it would include combinations which can be dangerous together as well.

  • Please chek this website too:


    More over "uptodate" is another reliable medical website but it needs username.

  • Thank you. This is a great reference site!

  • Welcome!

  • How long has he been on Ibrutinib? Many of the side effects seem to abate after a while.


  • Its just 1 week.

  • Have hope that they will pass!

  • Been on Imbruvica for 14 months and no incidents of pain of any type. I'm also taking Gabapentin for unrelated sciatic issue but only 1 x per day.

    Hopefully your dads severe pain issues aren't Imbruvica related and will subside

  • Oh good. So gabapentin is working!

    The pain is surely related 2 imbruvica. It started 18h after taking this pill

  • A friend who had terrible pain initially when she entered an ibrutinib trial was given prednisone which helped her pain. After a couple of months the pain stopped and she has not had a reoccurrence. She's been on imbruvica for several years. I hope your father has a similar experience. You could ask about using prednisone if what is currently helping stops.

  • Thank you so much. We should stop morphine as its too addictive. Ill tell this experience 2 our dr

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