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FCR after four years

When I was taken to the hospital with HB of 5.4 and Leukos 20.0 and lots of wrong b Cells, this was 9/2013, I had only little hope to recover again, as I was tested unmutated, CD 38 neg and ZAP 70 of 50% and Trisomie 12.

I received 13 packs of Erytrocyt/Concentrate and 6 rounds of FCR. Only minor sideeffects and no infections. HB level was back after three rounds and MRD neg! Also after fifth and sixth round, with reduced dose, MRD neg and CR.

Blood counts normal since then, better than years before.

MRD was negative! Then after one year o,1% and keeping this level since (0,1 - 0,4) when checking every six months

Last week Leucos 8,5, Erytro 5,4, HB 16,1, Trombos 185.000, Lyphos 2.000.

Also T Cells are in normal range and IgG by 680! igA and IgM normal.

I feel fine since three and a half years now, doing gym three times a week and fast walking outside as much as I can. No special diet, drinking real green tea and mango concentrate dayly.

Is anybody out there, having also MRD levels between 0,1 and 1 % for a long time?

Best regards


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Great news and your new lifestyle is testament to your resilience and determination. Long may it continue.


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