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Ibrutinib/Venetoclax and travel insurance

Has anybody in UK tried to get travel insurance while in Ibrutinib and/or Venetoclax? Same question also for anyone who has in a trial?

In my most recent visit for a checkup the doctor (when asked) told me they were OK with me travelling again within Europe given my current blood results.

best, rob

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I already had travel insurance with World First before I started to take Ibrutinib (only started 5 weeks ago!).

Called World First to update my details (i.e. new medication, etc.) and they took me through a fairly detailed "rescreening" process over the phone. At the end of the screening, they confirmed that my new circumstances would have no impact on the premium I'd already paid, which was a welcome surprise! World First had emailed an updated version of my insurance policy by the time I'd put the phone down - good service!

After running my travel plans by my consultant, I'll soon be jetting off to Florida with my husband for a bit of much needed sun and fun!

Good luck with sorting out your insurance. Hope your experience will be as positive as mine has been!



Hi Deb - When you say running your plans by your consultant, what do you mean by consultant? Dont you talk directy to Dr or there assistants? I am in the USA. Thanks - Roy


Hi Roy

My CLL care and treatment is lead by a team of specialists at a local cancer centre/hospital, which happens to be an internationally renowned research centre for cancers (I know I'm very lucky to live so close to a recognised centre of excellence!).

I also have my own GP, who looks after any regular or day-to-day health issues for me (annual health checks, flu and pneumonia vaccinations, etc.), but he readily admits that he is not experienced in dealing with CLL...we both refer to the experts at The Christie Hospital.

I see the consultants at The Christie Hospital on a regular basis whilst they run blood tests. We discuss my current health, review my treatment and keep an eye on my condition in case any action is needed. It was this consultant/expert that I spoke to about my travel plans - although my GP is very capable, I'm not sure he would have been confident in providing me with advice on travelling.

Hope this explains things but feel free to ask if you need any more info.

Debs. πŸ™‚


I guess my point is that word consultant is new for me in medicice i go to Sloan Kettering, Columbia and Ohio State which are all tops in Cancer. There is no type of person called "consultant". We talk to Physician Assistants when we need day to day guidance. What country are u in that they use the word "consultant" in a hospital setting?



I'm in the UK. Consultants are pretty high ranking people within our health services. They are usually specialists in their field and bring a high level of expertise to any medical diagnosis or decisions on treatments, etc. Day-to-day issues can be (and are) dealt with by GPs, nursing staff and other medics but it's good if you can get to see a consultant every now and again!

I was happy to seek advice on travelling (flying from the UK to the USA) when I last saw my consultant. There may well have been other medical staff who could have advised me on travel - but I just asked my consultant as I was already sitting in front of them for my regular appointment!

Having read plenty of posts on this forum, it's clear that health services across different countries vary significantly - different structures, job titles and a variety of ways to access treatments. Whichever medical staff you work with, I hope your health service continues to work for you.

Be well! πŸ™‚


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I have allclear insurance .It is quite expensive but i have found them very thorough .I was recamended ..I buy a annual insurance which costs me Β£1,340 .

I Havnt had to claim so far but I know people who have and they said they were excellent.No problems at all .



Would this help Rob?

How are you getting on now. Im still waiting to know as body needs building up. Early September poss.

Best wishes



Travelguard insurance an arm or AIG allows for more existing illnesses if paid for with about 15'days of booking trip payment. No other questions asked about health. Good company used many times in past


Hi re travel insurance, I used to use all clear, but very expensive now I'm in ibrutinib, have changed to insurancewith,com very easy web page to follow and good prices too Boots travel insurance also good. Hope that helps .


To those that replied, thank you. I'll update this discussion with my experience ince I've investigated.

Sue(Wroxham), I realise I've not done another update on my Ibrutinib/Venetoclax journey. Been a bit distracted this last week.

I'll put an update on this evening, but in short it will be positive (my opinion).

best to all, rob

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