Update from IwCLL 2017

Hi all

I'm just back from New York having done lots of interviews for VJHemonc.com. Have updated my blog with all the details but take home messages are that 80 percent of the 1000 Drs and Scientists who attended the conference believe there will be a cure. Combination therapy will be at its heart and Venetoclax will probably be involved.

I'm really well, now 18 months on the Venetoclax plus Obinutuzimab trial, still traveling from Melbourne to london every 3 months but am making the most of life.

For those who want more info my blog is abtandme.com



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  • Thanks for the positive update! You're an inspiration to us all! 😊

  • The future is in combos. Not sure we have al the ingredients quite yet, but no doubt venetoclax will be part of the mix. Great to see you at iwCLL. Thanks for spreading the word. Stay strong Brian

  • Hi Doc. Good to see your post agrees with Deb. You and Deb do all the hard work for the lazy people like myself.

    God bless both of you.


  • I sleep much better knowing that Venetoclax is available, "16 patients on one of the early trials of Rituximab and Venetoclax have been off all treatment for 24 months and have yet to relapse...."

  • Thanks for message of hope, keep positive and strong

    UK Marc

  • Great to hear from you Deb, so pleased you continue to do well. For those of us who have followed your journey from the beginning, it is a light in the darkness.

    Thank you


  • Thank you SO much for sharing this positive news!

  • Just read through your wonderfully informative and heart-felt blog - thank you so much for all you have shared with your fellow CLLers.

  • Thank you for your blog and so pleased that your journey is having such positive results. Long may it last.

    Maureen UK

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