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Chicken Pox

Hi - I hope someone can help! I am currently relapsed with CLL looking at second line treatment in the next few months. I seem to remember that I am supposed to avoid coming into contact with Chicken Pox, but can't recall the details.

My dilemma... my daughter is recovering from surgery and has asked me to help with childcare next week. There is an outbreak of Chicken Pox in both my granddaughters class and her brothers Pre-School. Neither of them has had Chicken Pox, and currently have no symptoms. I would need to go into both places to pick up the children before taking them home and staying with them until their father gets home.

Is this safe? Could my husband do it instead of me, or would there then be a risk of him passing on something to me? I have messaged my Doctor but he obviously hasn't had time to reply yet and my daughter is pressing me for an answer as she is desperate to get this sorted.


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Fulloflife, as someone who is relapsed and needing second treatment in the next few months, it could be assumed that your level of immunocompromisation is significant. In that situation it would be very risky to come into contact with any infectious or contagious risk if it's avoidable.

It's rare to contract Chicken Pox again if we've had it as a child and for most people, one infection is thought to develop lifelong immunity. Getting chickenpox twice is more common in people who are immunocompromised. It's also potentially dangerous and would give you chicken pox again not shingles.

Because it would involve going into an environment where different stages of the chicken pox may be, it would be impossible to ensure staying away from people who are at the infectious stage. I may be wrong but I think your husband could pass this on even though it's probably pretty unlikely.

This is my take on it and I'm not claiming it to be authoritative so please seek medical advice. I realise what a dilemma this is but chicken pox in adults can be extremely nasty.


Is there anyone else who could provide this child care to the children in the circumstances?



Thank you Newdawn. Thar was my take on it as well, but my daughter is caught between a rock and a hard place at the moment! hopefully my Haematologist will get back to me asap, if not I'll contact my GP on Monday. Thanks again.

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If it's you or your husband, ask if the school can help by having the children sent to the office or other location where they would be released to you (hopefully without you having to enter the building). That doesn't guarantee that they won't catch it, but would cut down on your exposure otherwise. Recently a school near me was closed temporarily because of an outbreak of chicken pox to stop the spread.


My grandson was innoculated against chicken pox and I was told to stay away from him for a couple of weeks or so. Also my husband was warned off having the shingles vaccination as it would cause a problem for me. Trouble is friends don't understand this and think I am being difficult.

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Standard advice from a good hematologist, but it's impossible to explain some of the issues related to CLL to "outsiders".


Wow, I didn't think about the risk of my husband having the shingles vaccine. I wonder if anyone else's doctors are saying that?


Just heard from my CLL specialist.It's as we all thought - don't do it! Thanks for all the supportive comments, you're right 'outsiders' don't really understand the problem.


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