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Newly Diagnosed? CLL FAQs--a 1999-2010 site (a copyrighted site by David M. Thomas)

A bookmarkable (not a word?) site to conveniently check.

A basic, quite thorough look at CLL. Gives a clue to some of the terms we encounter as we are stunned at the diagnosis we have been given.

There is no information re: treatment. There is a diagram showing differentiation of leukemia/lymphomas.

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Thanks for this cllady01, a very interesting and easily navigated document on many aspects of CLL.

Take care

Kevin - Essex, UK


You are most welcome.


Thank you for this link cllady01, I am one of the ignorant ones regarding terms in CLL but this has answered a lot of my questions.

Best wishes

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It isn't ignorance so much as it is the foggy brain dealing with that which we have never seen before while we are struggling to accept our situation and keep our lives running as well as possible.

Best wishes to you, too.


I think the information David compiled in CLLFAQs is still relevant but is aging... most pertains to the period from 2005- 2009 or so and things have moved on...

The basic science is fine, but much has changed, so please use it with some caution...

David and I sat on the board of the CLLPAG in Canada, he is greatly missed...


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Thank you Chris for that caution. I wondered if you might have known about this post (saw the Candian connection). I started to send the url to you or Neil to ask about it before I sent it.

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