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Accessing our helpful Pinned Posts and how to find previously posted answers to your questions

Previous posts with helpful responses to frequently asked questions are located/'Pinned' on the right of the screen when you are viewing a post on a computer, or at the bottom of the screen on smartphones and tablets. Unfortunately this view only covers the first 30 pinned posts. HealthUnlocked have just introduced an alternative way of accessing all of our pinned posts. Just go to our community posts page: healthunlocked.com/cllsuppo... then select the 'Arranged by' drop down list and select 'Pinned'.

If you can't find an answer to your question in our Pinned Posts section, there's a range of ways you can search the 100,000 plus contributions as covered here:



2 Replies

Very helpful. Thanks HU and Neil.


Just for anyone like me that tends to read from the home page, first select main menu "Posts" at the top of the screen ( you can see it underlined in green in Neil's picture above ). Once in "Posts" the pull down should then appear.

Great new feature. It is definately worth a read, to see any you might have missed.

Many thanks ,



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