Hi, as I have recently posted I have just finished first session/week of FCR. I find this site extremely helpful and like having a friend who you can turn to for advice. I'm abit of an ignoramus as regards medication, I take what I'm told when I'm told. I have been having lots of nausea and awful feeling of food just stuck in my gullet. I am taking allopurinal and Aciclovir and wondered if because allopurinol reduces acid production in stomach this would have an effect on digestion as acid breaks food down. Just a small piece of fish was a problem and I've turned to porridge and soups. I'm grateful as always for any advice!

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  • Nausea can be controlled. Even the feeling. Contact your haematology nurse and have a chat.

    Lots of people go off eating on day 3 of the FC tablets but recover to a healthy appetite 2 days later.

    Are you drinking the compulsory 2 litres of water a day when taking FC tablets and Allopurinol? Are you avoiding alcohol during the first 2 weeks of the cycle?

    Make that phone call.

  • Thanks for quick reply. Yes I'm drinking continuously through the day and haven't had any alcohol since before starting treatment. I will speak to nurse for advice. I feel quite normal today and having my first cup of coffee in 10 days!

  • Hi sally,

    devonrr speaks wise words, contact your haematology nurse if the symptoms come back. I too had that awful feeling of something stuck in my gullet, felt like I'd swallowed a golf ball at times but fortunately only lasted a day at the most then everything settled back to normal again. Glad you are feeling better now and I hope all continues well for you. You are definitely not alone when it comes to struggling with medication, especially at the beginning of treatment. Taking the medicine as prescribed (what your told when you're told:-) ) is the best you can do.

    Take care

    Kevin - Essex, UK

  • Thanks Kevin, that's exactly why I visit this site, for the wise words! I will speak to nurse and sort out.

  • No wise words, but hope you're feeling better.


  • Thanks Peggy I feel fighting fit this mornin 😀

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