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Preventing influenza

Preventing influenza

Flu vaccinations are now available in Australia - I had mine last Friday.

'Most clinical trials that have looked at how effective the flu vaccine is were performed in healthy adults and children. However, the people for whom we strongly recommend flu vaccine are those who are older and with chronic illnesses (like us - Neil). Unfortunately the vaccine doesn’t elicit as strong an immune response in these groups. They are targeted for vaccination because of the high risk of complications.

In Australian studies, we generally estimate the risk of influenza is reduced by about 40-50% in people who receive the vaccine.

While this might seem low, reducing the risk of infection by half is worth the effort.'

and also why you should encourage family and friends to have the flu vaccination to protect you!:

'For people who come into contact with vulnerable people – like the elderly, young or sick – getting vaccinated reduces the risk that you can pass it on.

For vulnerable people, the flu can be the difference between being at home with a chronic disease, and being in hospital with complications such as bacterial pneumonia.'

Allen Cheng, Professor in Infectious Diseases Epidemiology, Monash University and Kristine Macartney, Associate Professor, Discipline of Paediatrics and Child Health, University of Sydney provide more background on flu vaccinations:


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Because of nformation I have seen here I went for mine on Monday. I'm glad I did as there seems to have been a run! So if you are in Australia suggest sooner rather than later.


Hi Neil.

As you probably know, the UK have been giving flu vaccinations for quite a few years and I have been having them yearly since diagnosis.

GPs here have been in the habit of starting their sessions mid to late Autumn (October / November) and I think it's too late so I always go to one of the pharmacies who start theirs early / mid September and (touching wood) I have avoided it since and I work in an open plan office of over 700 people and there's always someone coughing and sneezing lol.

I do know that some people get slight flu symptoms within a couple of days of the vaccination but it doesn't last long - I would definitely recommend it.



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