Thank goodness that's over

Well I had my bone marrow sample today. I got myself in such a state that I even burst into tears when I went for a blood test beforehand ready for Tuesdays appointment. If only I had known what would happen I wouldn't have been half so worried. I was given a sedative, Medasilam, which the doctor told me had something in which caused amnesia so you couldn't recall anything about the procedure. My husband came with me and told me after that i had been in pain and the doc had to stop twice while I calmed down and then start again. The strange thing is I don't remember a thing which is of course how I like it. So to anyone needing a bone marrow procedure try and and get this drug. Tomorrow I find out which trial arm I have been randomised onto so will keep in touch with news,

Best wishes

Sally (UK)

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  • Glad it was ok Sally.

    Look forward to hearing which arm you get.


  • Well done, you got through it ok. Keep us posted with your progress. We're all together on this unwanted journey!

  • Sorry you had such a hard time. I think the anticipation might be worse.

    I never had any problem with my BMB. The lidocaine was all I used. It was easier than my shot at the dentist. I guess I must be lucky. I have high tolerance. My PA said I was the easiest patient she ever had. Made me laugh. I had no idea. I just laid there like I was ready to have a filling! 😌

  • Νο problems for me either, my doctors have said it is very rare for anybody to feel pain

  • In my BMB I felt a lightning bolt of pain twice. That's probably about 4 seconds of pain during the procedure.

  • You obviously are not a wimp like me. My doctor told me everyone feels pain but in different degrees. He was quite happy to give me sedative and my husband who was there told me that doctor had to stop twice because of pain but I don't remember and I'm very happy with that.

  • Hi Sally

    No they are not very nice are they lol!

    Best of luck to you Sally.

    I have just completed six months of Treatment

    On the IR Arm of the Trial, all good.👍


  • Thanks Kelly, thank goodness for the sedative I am a wimp.

  • Thank you for posting this, Sally. It's wonderful that although you were in significant pain, it's as though you never had it! I haven't had a BMB, thankfully, but I tend to have more pain with needles than others and I'm grateful to know this. I've been told it also depends on who does it. I already know, by way of word of mouth, who I would request should that time come.

  • I was lucky enough to have a very experienced doctor who tells me he does 250 BMB a year so I think who you have is very significant. I have no doubt if I hadn't been very vocal about how petrified I was I wouldn't have been offered a sedative so I say tell them exactly how you feel and don't be ashamed to say you're scared.

  • I swore at my consultant when I had my follow up BMB. He doesn't seem to hold it against me.

  • That was one of my fears when he explained sedative to me because you can either go to sleep or act in a drunken state and I know what I'm like after several glasses of alcohol and I was afraid I would either swear at him or hit him, but thankfully I slept!

  • A very experienced dr. (now retired) did a couple of BMBs on my thigh - no 'pain' - discomfort for 10 seconds or so is about as strong as I'd put it. I think it depends on the experience/competence of the doctor, and also (I suppose) on how anxious the patient is. I've had loads of worse things (broken thigh and pelvis, major surgery on nose cancer) - by comparison, this was an absolute cake-walk!

    It really is not that big a deal - people should not worry unduly.

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