Hypothyroidism and iron defiancy anaemia


Can anyone of you lovely people on here throw any light on the above. My friend who had hypothyroidism also suffered IDA.

Could there be a link do you think as hubby is suffering from both. Haven't managed to speak to anyone yet as not due up the Churchill until middle of March.

As I've said before they are more concerned at the moment about the IDA than they are with the CLL.



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  • It would be unusual for hypothyroidism to be linked to IDA unless the hypothyroidism was very severe and untreated. One of the first concerns with IDA is whether or not there is blood loss from somewhere that led to the IDA. Often a colonoscopy and endoscopy would be consider. I advise of course that you discuss all this with your physician.

  • Hi MelioraDay

    We are just waiting for the appts to come through. Just not sure how long the waiting list is.

    Take care


  • The ida is very important to treat. my daughter has severe GERD and has has had ida and has been treated over the past two years. The iron is very hard on her stomach condition and we go to the same heme for different reasons. While u await info get the iron fish. you send a donation and you use it when you cook. It helps . look it up on the internet they use it in developing countries.

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