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CLL Patient, unmutated CD 38-, FCR 10/13 - 4/14, MRD-, best blood results since then even t-Cells climbing to normal, IgG 650, IgA, IgM norm


After now three years ending FCR I am still pleased to feel great, no health problems at all. Blood counts in best shape. three times a week gym for 1 1/2 hour, and two/three times fast walking for one hour. having lots of raw vegetabiles and fruits, drinking green tea from leafs and little mango juice every day. Keeping Vitamin D 3 25OH between 40-60.

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Fantastic! Can you say what your genectics were? 11Q, 13, etc

Glad to hear you are doing well, I hope you have a very long remission.

bZell CLL, unmutated, CD38-,

zap70 50%, trisomie 12, no deletions.

Excellent news Seoul. Long may it last.

Best wishes. Sue

Love posts like this one!

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