Dental implant coatings fight infection with three-pronged attack

Dental implant coatings fight infection with three-pronged attack

According to researchers at the University of the Basque Country, about 10 percent of dental implants end up having to be removed due to bacterial infections or the implant not integrating with the patient's jawbone properly. To combat this, the team has developed new coatings for dental implants that not only anchor to the surrounding bone better, but could fight bacterial infection in three

Given our increased risk of infection with dental procedures, I hope the promise of this research is realised.


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  • Very cool!

  • Interesting, I've had a low grade infection for more than a year in or around an old root canal (which anchors a rather long bridge,four teeth altogether) I'm slated to have it removed Jan 11 to see what's going on and take it from there. The thing about root canals is you can have an infection but feel no pain,just a rather ucky taste and tender gums. I just spent about $1600 of my own money(and that much of Sun Life's) about two years ago getting bridge replaced,oh well, such is life eh ? (Sorry about the 'eh', ha ha, I'm Canadian)

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