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An interesting online class coming up

You can audit the course at no charge. It's aimed at professionals, but I think a well read lay person could benefit from it as well. It covers biofilms and chronic infections of the ear, lung, and bone implants among others.

I took it last year, and have never had more than online introductory classes in biology. But I love science, and fear no Latin or Greek ... or Danes with thick accents, for that matter.

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Thanks for sharing the link. Even when the classes are not directly "useful", the background information can be invaluable.

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Looks interesting. I signed up. Since auditing, you can access the flash cards. (Hope that helps familiarizing the fancy words.)

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They didn't have flashcards when I took in in 2015!

Please do also enable the subtitles while viewing the videos.

I think with courses like these, it's good to ask Wikipedia and Google for things, too. I often spend an hour or more in outside reading for week's lectures. But even if the terminology gets thick, I think it's worth it.

I download the videos, all transcriptions, and all handouts.

I think I'll sign up again to see what has changed in a year and a half.


Thanks! I signed up too.


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