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‘Tis the season for food poisoning: a Christmas warning

‘Tis the season for food poisoning: a Christmas warning

Australians have been advised to be careful with food hygiene in the lead up to Christmas after an unexplained rise in food poisoning.

One person has died and six others have been taken to hospital in Victoria during the past three weeks with cases of listeriosis, as the state’s Department of Health issued a word of caution for high-risk groups on Wednesday.


Groups most at risk are pregnant women, newborns, older adults and people with weakened immune systems.

Nearly all of us fit into the last two at risk groups, with those of us undergoing treatment even more at risk. So please, have a safe and enjoyable Christmas by being careful what you eat, taking particular care to avoid foods that have not been adequately refrigerated and for those under treatment or recently treated with anti-CD20 antibodies like Rituximab/Mabthera or Gazyva/Obinutuzumab, foods not recommended for people with neutropenia:

Wishing everyone Seasons Greetings,


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