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limits on numbers of posts

It seems like after reading a certain number of posts I have to log in to see the rest. Usually I don't bother. Don't see why the limit although admittedly there seem to be a lot every day currently.

By the way I don't understand the option between letting everyone see it (default option) or only followers in community as hidden post. I guess I should take the default option but puzzled at "in my community" as this isn't mentioned in "everyone". Maybe I'm just too old to understand modern social media fully!

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Can't answer your query about logging back in I'm afraid but AussieNeil may be able to help.

As far as tagging your post to community only this is really so your posts remain on this site and can't be searched by anyone on Mr Google.

If you are giving personal info I would always suggest tagging community only as then only those signed up for the community can see them.

If you don't mind your question or info going out on the www to all asundry then the default option is sufficient.

Hope that helps?



Hi Doug

if you don't limited your posts to 'in my community' all you write is visible to anyone on the internet, so not private, in which case many will not respond fully as most of us value our privacy. I always have to log in and really don't mind.

Huh old! not you

Best wishes



There is a known bug for the HealthUnlocked site in which a few members need to re!-log in; seems that you are one of the unfortunate few...


They may want to check the settings on receiving cookies... most new browsers retain login and passwords, for seamless background log ins...


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Hi Doug,

It's best to click on the setting Only followers in community. Otherwise, your post will show up in Google searches and god knows where else. Most of us would rather restrict these posts to people who have to log in to view them.

If you want to change the privacy setting of an existing post, click on the drop-down arrow below your post, select Edit, and then scroll to the bottom and select the option for Hidden Post. AussieNeil has a good post about this: healthunlocked.com/cllsuppo...

So sorry the bug in the system is logging you out here and there. Hopefully they'll get that fixed soon.


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