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3 Month Check Up after beginning Ibrutinib

Just wanted to let everyone know that I had my 3 month check-up after beginning Imbruvica. My WBCs were 23600 down from 89000 in the beginning. Less night sweats. I am still tired-I can't seem to shake that. Also have nausea but not every day now! My platelets are holding. My Hgb is 10. It has dropped a point. Overall I think its pretty good! Hope all is well with everyone else!

<Title edited so others starting Ibrutinib can find this reassuring post - Admin>

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That's great news. You sound positive and that in itself is a good thing

Keep up the good work 🖒


I don't understand numbers yet ( am new) however glad to hear you have good news, well done :-)


Great..I too am looking forward SOME SUCCESS BY 3 MOS. its been not quite 2 pos with some minor success. Keep us posted


Off to a flying start. Great news.😀



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