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How many CLL suffers are Cystic Fibrosis Carriers

Here is interesting read not routinely covered.


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Your have only supplied a search link, that I can see, not a reference to a paper or discussion of the incidence of people with the two conditions. Sadly, with the average live expectancy of a cystic fibrosis sufferer being just 37 years* and the median age of diagnosis for CLL patients being around 71, there's unfortunately very little chance of someone with cystic fibrosis of living long enough to be diagnosed with CLL.

I appreciate you are struggling with an undiagnosed illness which I gather involves your lungs and you are concerned about your blood health, but until you can confirm you have a positive diagnosis of CLL via a simple flow cytometry blood test, I strongly recommend you do not concern yourself about living with an incurable blood cancer.


* Various sources state life expectancy of this genetic condition evident from birth to be from somewhere in the twenties to the early forties.


Hi Aussie AM not talking about true CF suffer but carrier and that's what my question was about not about me but CLL and CF

To be CF suffer you need two faulty genes one from mother and other from father NOW this lots of carriers of CF and I just wanted to know if CLL suffers know if there carrier and what impact if any as on there condition compared to none cf carrier.


Of all the thousands of CLL patient stories I've read over the years, I don't recall a single incidence of someone with a faulty gene for CF mentioning the influence of that on their CLL. Perhaps I'll hear of my first incidence via a response to your post, but if the person has a one good gene, then they will still be able to make normal mucus and would only know about this combination if they had a child with CF and had CLL.


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Hi aussie defo agree all be surprised to BUT i think suffers will not know if carriers.

But i would of expected motgers or fathers to have known.

So much for screening THATs why i think cll suffers should ask the doctors given dna research and common themes when it comes to illness diseases.


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