Goal ticked off!

Hi Everyone ,

I was diagnosed with CLL in May this year - 52 yrs young, physically fit and healthy female. To say it was a shock is a massive understatement. I've swung between anger and acceptance and a million other emotions in that time. This site has been a rock for me and I'd like to thank everyone who shares their information and stories. When you know you're not alone it makes it that little bit easier to cope.

Anyway, getting back to my subject headline above - my local town had their Relay For life fundraising walk over this weekend. My husband and I participated last year ( I lost my father to CLL in 2006). But this year it was even more personal to me. I'm so proud to be able to say that my super supportive husband , daughters and two very young grandsons participated this year with me. My husband and I walked 42kms in just over 12 hours. I'm absolutely exhausted at the moment and I don't know what tomorrow will bring but at the same time just bursting with pride that I was able to do this. My husband was with me every step of the way.

Thanks for listening- and health and happiness to all 😊


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9 Replies

  • Hi Jackim and a warm welcome and thunderous congratulations on your marvellous achievement! I can only imagine how personal this must feel to you and I'd imagine there were a few tears. I'm not sure whether the understanding of your father's CLL will help or scare you as you face the condition in yourself. I'm so sorry to hear this has hit you like a thunderbolt from a place of feeling healthy and relatively young. I was 54 at diagnosis.

    I hope you have a good doctor, an indolent form of CLL and manage to quell the fear and anxiety that is totally understandable at the moment. Even when we live through this with loved ones, it doesn't automatically prepare us for it in ourselves and each presentation can be so very different.

    Sounds like you have your 'rock' in your husband and that's a very important form of support :-)

    Warm regards,


  • Wow good for you,

  • Well done Jackim! What an achievement! Congratulations to you and your super supportive family. Yes, be proud!

    Wishing you all the best,


  • Great post-keep on keepin' on.Thanks for the positive energy.


  • Wow! You must be very proud of yourselves. My son did an event earlier this year and like you, I was bursting with pride.

    I can understand your range of emotions with the CLL, we all feel them.

    For the moment, bask in the glory of your collective achievement.😀


  • I think when each of us is diagnosed it is like a lightening bolt disrupting our world. It certainly was for me. The best thing we can do is to "keep on keeping on" and just live life as long as we can. I wish you many many years of W&W!

  • Awesome achievement! I also checked off running a marathon, although it was a couple of years before my diagnosis. It took me 5 hours and 21 minutes - slow for a runner, but I got across the finish line (for the first and last time which I decided even before I was diagnosed - I'm not sure it would be possible now). I think having goals and working towards them is important to keep us sane in the face of the long haul we all have with CLL. Keep on moving!

  • Congrats - the pride and the proof that many CLLers can be active and achieve so much is always encouraging for everyone - especially you. Keep on keeping on!

  • Well done girl! Keep challenging yourself!

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