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Move More: the evidence is stacking up - so let's get active!

Move More: the evidence is stacking up - so let's get active!

I attended a lecture in Aberdeen this evening delivered by Dr Anna Campbell MBE which outlined the evidence underpinning the benefits of physical activity at every stage of one's cancer journey. Together with a variety of other eminent clinicians and researchers she has demonstrated emphatically that regular exercise can combat fatigue and improve confidence - along with a host of other benefits. She appears to be the primary force behind the MacMillan Move More initiative and I personally can testify to feeling better since I commenced the circuits programme six weeks ago. Now throughout my treatment and remission phases I've tried to remain active but joining a structured group has motivated me all the more and encouraged me beyond my initial expectations. The beauty of the MacMillan initiative is that it caters for all levels of capability and initial fitness. Like minded people attend these sessions and the opportunity to chat and share experiences is totally unlike any gym or walking group I've ever been involved with. The link below navigates (hopefully) to the relevant MacMillan website pages and there Is an abundance of information therein. Or simply chase up your MacMillan contacts in your local area. I would especially recommend this to anyone on Watch & Wait as a way of improving your health and well being prior to any future treatment.

PS The photo is an Autumn sunny Sunday in Scotland - in itself a good tonic!

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Exercise on my bicycle, or out walking and hiking certainly works for me..

The rewards of exercise are many and varied, though I prefer the fresh air if at all possible rather than a gym. There are also great benefits to being out in the green environment.



Could not agree more... not many flowers to photograph in a gym 🏋🏻 ... and for me the photography drives my activity forward on a daily basis... yes even in a brutal Canadian winter... 😄




I love my bike! Earlier in the summer I tore my cartilage and walking was painful, but I was surprised to learn that I could cycle! After the operation I was encouraged to cycle and I'm back to long country rides again. However the social aspect of the Circuits Class has also been beneficial.


Thanks for posting a much needed reminder on exercise. Since my partner has had foot problems our walking has taken a turn for the worst. Time for me to get a grip and just do it.


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Thank you for the posting. Will use some of the tools to keep me focus.


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