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ASCO 2016: Dr. O'Brien on Idelalisib and liver inflammation

This week in the Conference Coverage section of the CLL Society website, we’ve posted another interview with Dr. Susan O’Brien out of UCI where we discussed an ASCO 2016 abstract about liver inflammation associated with idelalisib in relapsed CLL patients. You can view that interview here. cllsociety.org/2016/09/asco...

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve posted a CLL Doctor List in our CLL Toolbox. This list is composed of CLL physicians recommended by our readers. We appreciate all who contributed to the list. Thank you! You can access it here. cllsociety.org/toolbox/cll-...

This is a strictly patient driven list so feel free to suggested additions.

We reference other helpful list too.

Stay strong.

We are all in this together.




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Thanks Brian!

I've added the link to your list of CLL physicians recommended by your readers into our list of international CLL information resources:


Members, if your doctor isn't on the list and you consider they should be, you can recommend them here:




Thanks. We have not vetted the doctors though most are well respected CLL specialists. It is all from our patient survey and we want to keep it fresh and accurate.

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