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Zika virus

I'm in a clinical trial for CLL and responding well. I have a trip planned to Florida, which is having a outbreak of the Zika virus, caused by the mosquito, not transmitted by travel to other areas. I was told not to live in a bubble, but I feel like I'm asking for trouble to go to an area that has a known problem. I take great precautions to remain "healthy". I'm a 60 yr old female, pregnancy is obviously not a concern.

Anyone have any thoughts about this?

Thank you.

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I live here in south Florida, just take precautions, use mosquito spray, cover up, stay inside at dusk when they're more active. There's two hot zones, Wynwood area and Miami Bch. I live in Broward, I haven't had any problems. I keep the spray in my car. They're also spraying the hot zones and doing all they can to eradicate the problem.

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Thank you for your feedback! I hate for that little bug to ruin a trip I've been looking forward to. I have treatment in a few weeks. I'll see where my numbers are closer to the vacation date. Stay safe with the storms approaching!


And is it true that the Zika mosquitoes are not active in the winter?


The Aedes species are most likely to transmit the Zika virus and are commonly found in Florida and other tropical climates. They are the same mosquitoes that spread dengue and chikungunya viruses.

Many do die off in cold or dry weather, but pass on the virus in their eggs...

Unlike other mosquitos, they are very active in the day time... the dusk thing doesn't really apply.

The problem now is getting infected by humans carring the virus and sexual contact has been established as a route of transmission as well...

The CDC has about 100 pages on this topic...

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Thank you for the information and the link.


How Zika is passed down to the next generation of mosquitos...

I noted today, it has been found in Miami Beach area...


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