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hi all a while since I have posted for the first time it has said on a hospital letter FISH deletion of ATM(11q 22 -q23) can any one enlighten me ,im having a CT scan tomorrow neck, chest, abdomen and pelvis , my Lymph nodes are very bulky now and uncomfortable , night sweats are getting worse and weight loss looks like treatment is nearing some times I could scratch my skin off has any one any advice please

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Dr. Sharman has written about 11q and ATM... it is an excellent readable source of accurate information.


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thank you I find out more on here than I do from any of the specialists one in particular just says its just wait and watch ,I saw for the first time a young registrar haematologist she was very nice gave me a good examination asked how I felt . I take my blood results with me as I live 90mins away but she had more bloods taken this is were I had the copy of the letter to my Dr with FISH deletion of ATM(11q 22-q23) on it thank you I now seem to understand it a bit better as a layman .


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