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Today marks one year of my official CLL diagnosis. I have been riding the roller-coaster of emotions that I'm sure most of us have experienced especially during that first year. I have become a well informed patient and will continue to be. My original thoughts were relief that I finally knew what was wrong with me and that my doctors would stop telling me that I was working too much ( they haven't lol) and that I was depressed (they stopped this one :-) ) the news took abut three months to really set in and as my fatigue increased I did experience a definite low. I am grateful to still be able to continue my career and function at a high level most of the time. I was seeing the doctors every few weeks and then we went to every month and even stretched it to two months but we have started to see a larger jump in WBC and lymph with nodes starting to pop up. They are not overly concerned at this point but I am back to getting blood work every 3-4 weeks. Funny thing is every time my numbers do jump I feel my best....doctors say I am weird lol! I really want to thank everyone here in this group for all the wonderful information. Family and friends do have a hard time understanding our particular cancer especially wait and watch. It makes so nice to be able to come to a group of understanding people. Wishing health, happiness and love to all!

Picture is from Anna Maria Island, FL my lovely home!

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I won't say congratulations on the Cancerversary Jerseywish because that seems somehow inappropriate but I will say congratulations on your continued good health, positivity and clear evidence that your equilibrium is now returning.

Continue to keep well, continue in your efforts to understand your 'enemy' but most of all continue in the power from sharing that we all need on this forum.

Warm best wishes,



The date of diagnosis has stuck in my mind for these 16 years, but I can't remember family birthdays.

I am happy to hear you are beginning to get the hang of watch and wait and I agree with your assessment of this blog site being a group of understanding, supportive people who give from their experience and give with decisive and full-hearted caring. The fact that each of us can learn by the experiences of others and begin to give of our own experience, has been so reassuring to me. Who Ya Gonna Call? (or turn to) for information not Ghostbusters, but Healthunlockers--who will tell you what they know, but caution you to see the experts.


Thank you for sharing Jerseywish. I find the posts from people so useful, both positive and negative. It's good to get an 'all round' picture of it all. The poor experiences prepare me for treatment when/if it is needed and the good remind me that there is hope and a light at the end of the tunnel. Sending good wishes.



I am so glad you have found this sight as I have. It really is helpful. The emotions you expressed are so common for us all with CLL. Take care and blessings to you!



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