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Health Check: what your pee and poo colour says about your health

Health Check: what your pee and poo colour says about your health

Think you might have strange pee or poo colours due to food, drugs or disease? Then have a read of this article by Clare Collins, Professor in Nutrition and Dietetics, Kristine Pezdirc, Research Associate|Post-doctoral Researcher, Megan Rollo, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Nutrition & Dietetics and all from the University of Newcastle, Australia:

If you are at all concerned, particularly if you are on treatment, do check with your medical team.


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Loved an interchange on ACOR some time ago. Someone thought she had a bad bladder infection because her urine was very red. No infection. it was the result of eating beets.


I have used "Beet It" beetroot juice as an anti-cancer "food as medicine" but the package only warns about urine colour. I thought my bowel motions were reddish purple because of piles or worse but the consultant I was sent to knew of beetroot where the GP didn't. Even so, as a private hospital they wanted the NHS to pay for a colonoscopy just to be sure but my GP agreed with me I didn't need it & I suspect they were after money as well as not wanting to be accused of missing anything. Anyhow I've e-mailed the makers of Beet It & asked them to improve the package warnings. The bowel motions continued that colour 2 days after last drinking the stuff (urine not as long) so I was fooled for a while & worried unnecessarily. I know some think have the check-up anyway but it's pretty drastic & takes out a chunk of life for app'ts inc. MRSA swab before the procedure (they only told me about this, by snail-mail, at last moment).


Doxorubicin, or red devil, turned my pee the colour of Tang orange drink and Imbruvica (ibrutinib) turned it red... unfortunately it was an eurethera bleed.

Imbruvica (ibrutinib) also turned my stools to black tar... from colon bleeds

Great idea to monitor your waste... with CLL, it can speak volumes.

and as always get an annual FOBT...


Great shot Neil!

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