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Dr. Follows on the symposium where I spoke in Copenhagen at EHA

If you recall, a month ago I was in Copenhagen for the European Hematology Association meeting and I had the privilege to be asked to speak with a very distinguished panel of CLL experts at a symposium that drew over 1,000 hematologists. Today in our Conference Coverage section, I have posted a video review by Dr. George Follows of that symposium. You can hear about the highlights here. cllsociety.org/2016/07/pane...

Presenting the results of the 350 patients who answered our survey on therapy really added to my credibility in front of my fellow doctors.

If you were on vacation during these first weeks of July, we’d like to call your attention to our quarterly newsletter The CLL Tribune and also request that you take 3 minutes to answer our latest short Reader Poll about what you look for in your CLL physicians. You can access it here. asktellq22016.questionpro.com/ Thanks to the 140 CLL patients who have already responded. It really helps. The Tribune is the product of many authors, both patients and doctors. Please enjoy the articles and interviews from the Q2 2016 issue of The CLL Tribune:

· Reading/viewing an interview with Dr. Jeff Jones about Venetoclax from the recent EHA meeting in Copenhagen in Conference Coverage

· Read answers to reader questions by Dr. Rick Furman in Ask the Doctor

· Learn about what bone marrow does in The Basics Section

· In Beyond the Basics, find out about the ASCO sponsored TAPUR trial which is looking for new creative uses for already approved targeted therapies

· Learn new facts about CLL in the Did You Know section

· View some data from our most recent Reader Poll and share with us your opinions on CLL experts and whom you might recommend to other patients in our Ask & Tell section

· In Living Well with CLL, you can read about:

o Why You Should See a CLL Specialist

o How my Support Group Saved my Life

o I Don’t Have CLL. Yes, I Do. Now, I Don’t.

o On Being a Novice Patient

o May I Remember Never To Forget

I am off to Africa for a photo safari next week, so will not be active here or on the website.

In the meantime….

Stay strong.

We are all in this together.

Brian Koffman, MD

Volunteer Medical Director of the CLL Society




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Enjoy Brian you deserve it. Hope you take some good photos to share with us on your return. An added dimension to your posts.

Best wishes always



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