1 Year Anniversary - Results!

Hi Family,

Last Wednesday I had my next appointment which was my 1 year anniversary, sorry for the late post but from having my check up late Wednesday I was then going abroad very early hours Thursday! so you can imagine the anxiety. Anyway please my results below and I have included my previous 2 results for comments against.

I'm told these are very good results and nothing has progressed, however some numbers have changed, Can I have the 'family' provide some analysis / feedback please and like everyone wants to know, what does this mean long term?

My next appointment is in 9 months time which I'm glad as it helps to move forward. Thanks All.


WBC = 17.45,

RBC = 5.10,

HGB = 155,

PLT = 245,

NEUT = 6.42,

LYMPH = 9.56.


WBC = 16.90, RBC = 4.88, HGB = 149, PLT = 239, NEUT = 6.67, LYMPH = 8.93


WBC = 13.29,

RBC = 5.04, HGB = 153, PLT = 228, NEUT = 4.36, LYMPH = 7.73

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  • Hi UU. To my (very) untrained eye,These results look very good indeed! You must feel very relieved. How quickly the year has gone and how much better you sound! 😀


  • Thank you

  • Excellent results there UU and you have every reason to be pleased and reassured!


  • Thank you

  • These results look good. Not an expert but don't seem too worrying ♡♡♡

  • Thank you

  • I think 99% of us will be wishing they had results like this. Go enjoy your life and long may it continue.

    Very best wishes always


  • Thank you

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