The 2016 revision of the World Health Organization (WHO) classification of lymphoid neoplasms is coming soon... and CLL/SLL is still a lymphoma.

There are a number of changes particularly to MBL, which is now considered a precursor to CLL, in virtually all cases... but is subdivided in to high and low count MBL.

They will be a look at follicular proliferation centers and new treatments, sub clones  ... as well. 

I can hardly wait! 😄


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  • It won't let me 'like you' Chris but I do! :-) -:) :-)


  • Can you explain a little more? I had to look up MBL and - recovering from pneumonia and with CLL - am now wondering if I should have this checked?

  • MBL - Monoclonal B-Lymphocytosis can be a precursor of CLL, but once your lymphocyte count climbs above 5(thousand), by definition you have CLL, not MBL.  It would be great if we could go back to just having MBL, but once MBL becomes CLL, it begins spreading to nodes and organs...

    Dr Sharman explains it well:



  • Thanks - interesting article. As you say, it's a pity we can't rewind.

  • Like you Chris, I am riveted.......I fear the excitement will mean I won't be able to sleep tonight!   Oh, perhaps I am clairvoyant, as I have not slept well the last few nights....I need to search out opportunities in this new career!

    Slightly more seriously....does the classification (or non change of classification) have any impact in the real world we live in (as opposed to the ethereal WHO-world)? 

  • Not really, it is all smoke and mirrors, but it confirms the fact that CLL/SLL is a lymphoma and CLL has a leukemia presentation...it is not a true leukemia.

    Does it matter... no... 😜 I use the term blood cancer now exclusively, which gets around the 'what is it' issue...


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