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Interpreting FISH results

Hi guys!

We just got the fish panel for my loved one, and it didn't list the specific markers (ie 17p, 13q, 11q) on the report. There was simply a phrase that said "no genetic abnormalities or aberrations detected". I want to be excited about that, and be assured that those specific deletions were not detected, but I am also not sure if that is truly what was meant on the report. Did they potentially not even test for those deletions? I guess I just envisioned the report listing out each relevant marker and a statement next to each one of "deleted" or "normal"... or something to that effect! Thanks so much for your input :)

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The report is just an interpretation... the full panel will spell it out, so ask your doctor.

FISH panels 🐟 usually use 4 or 6 probes that look at specific locations on the chromosones... if there is no phosphorescence then, no abnormality.

However, this does not mean there is not genetic damage in places FISH didn't look at.

So, this is a NORMAL karyotype... a 'catch all of unknowns'... and it is also my marker... in fact it is quite common, about 15% of patients FISH are missed... 😳

So, where does this place us in the hierarchy?  Somewhere  on either side of Trisomy 12, but usually between 13q and T12...

Obviously, request the actual results ... 


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