Just got word from the doctor in my FISH test result

Just got word from the doctor in my FISH test result

Just got word from the doctor on my FISH test results and he said that he was happy to inform me that it showed 13q deletion which is what he was hoping for as it meant the prognosis.  He went on to say that he was even less concerned and wouldn't need to see me for 6 months

So the questions I asked him was about  should I be on any special form of diet, could I continue on working on losing weight and was there anything I should be looking for regarding my immune system

His answers were vague but said I could continue on my journey of a healthy life style and getting to a healthy weight.  

I am thrilled and want to move on and move ahead with my journey in creating a better me

I have gone through life dissappointmenta, I have Looked at things I should have, could have, would have done and I have been frustrated? Well maybe, just maybe i just needed a new perspective, just needed to take a step or two and look at it from another angle.  

Today on my walk I was thinking and pondering and as I looked at the muddy creek I thought of the many times My waters have been muddy by taking on too much, wanting too much, keeping myself so busy that life seemed to just pass by. When I walked a few steps and peered at the creek I saw the most beautiful reflection of the sky! Same muddy creek just a different perspective! See photo I posted!

I have slowed down in 2016 and I am trying to live my life more mindful, joyful, and taking the time to appreciate what I have and finding contentment.   I began this journey January 1st and I am blessed that I did because it helped me the last month to put MY life into perspective after my diagnosis.

A new perspective is good for the soul!!!!  I can honestly say that no matter how much time I have on this earth I will put on my new rose colored glasses.  I have only one shot at this life and I am going to fight for the joy in each new day!

Praying for each and everyone of you!

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  • Great news!Totally agree with all you say. Not always easy to do but something we should all strive for. At the moment, I'm afraid I'm in the muddy creek, for reasons other than the CLL. Trying my best to climb out though! :-))

    Best wishes.


  • Peggy, praying for a hand to reach down and pull you out so you can enjoy the reflection from the bank!  

    The other thing I realized today is creeks are not usually very deep, I just need to quit fighting and stand up!


  • That is great news and a really good perspective to have ...  i wish you well on your journey.  

    best wishes


  • What a fabulous post to read on a Saturday morning.  Loved it, all the best to you x

  • This is one of the loveliest posts I have read and agree that different perspectives can sometimes clear muddy waters.

    I'm sure this post will encourage many.

  • Brilliant photo as well as the words.

    Complete your journey and enjoy life.

    Best wishes. Sue

  • Great perspective for us all.  Thanks for your prayers.

  • So glad for your good news!  What a lovely and thoughtful post.  Your perspective spoke to me deeply and I am grateful to have started my weekend with your beautiful clear waters!

    Best wishes,


  • Some days we all need a reminder. Thanks for giving us such a heartfelt one today. Your news is really great. Maria

  • This is such a lovely post! I agree with you about slowing down and being mindful. Before my diagnosis in Oct 2015, I was so busy I didn't really enjoy many things. I just kept going from one thing to another in a dazed state. That is not living. I have learned to say no, say yes to things that bring me joy and pay attention to the good moments. Have I succeeded 100%? No but I am getting there. One life is not enough but it's what we get.

    Fight the good fight!

  • An excellent post and some very good perspective!

    Best wishes,


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