Thankful to be Healing

A week or so ago , I had a lymph node or ant bight in my right arm pit. And an egg size bump on my bottom. The worry was tremendous, now I'm so glad I saw my G.P he prescribed some antibiotics, today lymph node, ant bight is totally gone my egg on my bottom is also 1/4 the size. Very Thankful for all the the people here Administration, Volunteers and all the support given. We all would rather not be here . I am Thankful you are. Best wishes to all.


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4 Replies

  • Happy to hear you are doing much better.

    Stay well,


  • Thank you, best wishes to you also.

  • Good news you are so relieved Ballyhoo. Brilliant.

    Take care.


  • Thank you , It's getting better everyday.

    Hope you are also doing well.

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