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Transferring treatment to another country

I've been told today that I need to start FCR treatment soon for my CLL. This will be my first treatment having been diagnosed in Nov 2011.

Trouble is, my wife and I are planning to move back to her home country of Denmark in April.

My haematologist says that they would provide the necessary papers concerning my history so far to the relevant Danish hospital, and I have also spoken to the Danish hospital who say that I would need to register with a Danish GP on arrival as a referral would have to be through him/her.

Has anyone had any experience of a similar situation? Would be interested to get an idea of how difficult/easy this would be.

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I am from Denmark. In regards to the FCR treatment there will be no problems. Here in DK we use FCR as first line treatment. And we have a law that guaranty to diagnose and put cancer patient in treatment very fast (CLL is max 14 days).

You will be needing a yellow card which you get when you register at a new general praktisioner. You can do this online at

Some doctors offer online (short) konsultations. Tjeck out if your new doc has this service and write to him. This way you can stay on top and you don't need to wait for this.

I don't know how much you know about Danish health care, but I can tell you that appointments, treatment and medicine during your FCR will be free of charge. BUT it is difficult to change you Doctor or treatment, you don't have the same "pick and choose" when it comes to treatments and doctors as in the states. And Imbruvica is not used very much.

If you need help, I would be glad to help 😊


Dames - Interesting post. Is everyone with CLL treated right away, as opposed to watch and wait, or is the 14 days only for those who need treatment upon diagnosis?


We have a cancer law, which is a law who secures that every patient who is suspected to have cancer will be diagnosed and begin treatment if needed within 14-30 days after first suspicion of cancer.

CLL will only be treated if the indication for treatment is present.

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Wish that was everywhere!


Hi- we moved to France 6 months after I was first diagnosed- I found it was good to have both a French specialist and also continue with my UK doctor because I had great rapport and confidence with him. I go to UK every 6 months for a test and consultation as a private patient and see my French specialist once a year . I send the results to each one and this seems to work well while I remain on watch and wait- best of both worlds! Good luck in your new home.



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