Just hoping

Just hoping

Just hoping you all had a great Christmas with no mishaps .

We decided to stay home this year and the family come to us .My husband insisted that he was going to cook lunch with my daughter .I had visions of world war three taking place with the pair of them in the kitchen together .I needn't have worried as everything went well .The kitchen after looked a bit like a war zone but it didn't take long to clean up .

Must say they did very well .I might let my husband cook more often .Well maybe not .

I think he now thinks he is Mary Berry .

As you can see my dog likes Christmas too .


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8 Replies

  • Happy photo, and pleased you did not after all witness WW3. Great idea to encourage hubby to cook however you'll have to balance this with the amount of clearing up after.

    Hope you felt as good as possible throughout the Christmas period. Have a happy

    New Year as well as the CLL allows.


  • And you Bubnjay what ever you may be doing .

  • Lovely photo BRenda. Glad you had a good Christmas. Happy new year to you.


  • And to you Wroxham .Must admit I was a bit apprehensive if I'd like to tell the truth after this year but it all went well .Hope yours did too .


  • If I were you I'd book him for next year too! We had a lovely Christmas. Our son cooked for us. He's a Martin Berry.

    Best wishes.


  • Ha brilliant!!! Love the doggie x

  • Your post made me laugh so much - and laughter is such a great way to see in the New Year - though I'll probably be in bed by 10am!

  • Happy New year to you fieldmeadow .Hope you meant 10pm and not 10am . I am determined I am staying up for new year just to give this year a good kick out for all of us .


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