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Useful App to download

Useful App to download

Hi All

I've just stumbled upon this app (pictured below) which I think is of interest to those located in Aust & NZ. Many of you may already know about it but while I'm on watch & wait and not really focusing too much on my condition, I do wonder about how to keep up with treatments and trials and therefore was happy to find this.

Check it out if it might be of interest and more importantly, have a nice weekend.



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Yesterday I received a Lifeblood Newsletter in an email from Australia's Leukaemia Foundation that included information about this app, but I hadn't had time to check it out. Thanks for your post, bringing it to the attention of members from Australian and New Zealand:

The app (available for Apple and Android *) is updated monthly and well worth installing if you are close to needing treatment.

"The search function results show summary information, trial status, location details, inclusion and exclusion criteria, the sponsor, and contact details for each trial.

This tool is simple to use and effectively provides current information that can be discussed with your treating doctor and details of each trial can be emailed direct from the app to you, your doctor, or anyone else.

ClinTrial Refer ANZ also is an effective tool for patients to identify recruiting trials that are close to home."


* The ClinTrial Refer ANZ app can be downloaded from the App Store (iPhone, iPad users) or Google Play (Android users)


Thanks Neil. After I posted the app info, I checked my email and found the lifeblood newsletter you refer to, which gives great further info and download instructions. It's fantastic how we have this forum for sharing such relevant information and by the way, thanks for all the info you share. I've learnt a lot.

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There is another app from the Lymphoma Research Foundation in the USA that is great for learning about CLL and all the Lymphomas using a smart phone or tablet.

Focus On Lymphoma Mobile App

Focus On Lymphoma, developed by the Lymphoma Research Foundation, is the first mobile application that provides patients and caregivers comprehensive content based on their lymphoma subtype and tools to help manage their diagnosis and treatment. The app allows users to record doctor sessions, manage medications, keep track of blood work results and document treatment side effects.

Focus On Lymphoma provides users with content tailored to their subtype and disease stage. It contains information on diagnosis, treatment, clinical trials and survivorship. Content can be easily sent via email to a patient's caregivers and healthcare team and the convenient notes section allows users to save questions to review later.

visit the App Store or Google Play to download the Focus On Lymphoma mobile app today.

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