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ASH News and Discussion Videos

ASH News and Discussion Videos

Dear friends, we recorded many interviews with experts from the just completed ASH conference in Florida and almost every day we post more for your viewing. These include perspectives from many of the world's leading experts on all the medicines and research we all talk about here. Please check out: and be signed up as a community member so you know whenever new programs are posted. There are many. I hope this is helpful. I know I learned a lot! Best Wishes, Andrew Schorr

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Hi Andrew. Can you make a written text? I'm very interested what Drs. John Gribben, Constantine Tam and William Wierda says.

Irina, CLL Norway


there will be transcripts of everything.

Question, do you want to tell your CLL story to a small group in Miami on January 20th? Are you near there? if so, email me Thanks!


Thank you, Andrew!

Can I ask you to also make a written record of "Dr. Jeff Sharman: My Perspective on ASH 2015 News." I am waiting on a clinical trial Venetoclax + Rituximab treatment naive patients that will hopefully commence in Oslo in 2016.

I've learned a lot on this message board. Thank you for continually publishing information that gives me hope and strength to live with CLL.

I wish all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Best Wishes

Irina CLL Norway


Thank you for all that you do for us!


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