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Feeling Exhausted: How to overcome Fatigue

Hi All,

Diagnosed in March 2015. ALC not doubled in 06 months and still doctors are putting me in W&W.

Issue now I am facing is fatigue, tiredness and pain in legs/feet. Can anyone advise how to overcome this?

Another thing I am also suffering with thyroditis, malfunction of thyroid, (recently diagnosed) and I feel that my fatigue increased with this. Any one having idea either thyroids problem may increase our fatigue???


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Hi AAli,

You should see a specialist e.g. an endocrinologist to investigate whether your thyroid is causing your fatigue. Hypothyroidism (an underactive thyroid) is a common cause of fatigue:


I hope you'll find the answers to you fatigue problem there, if not, there are plenty of posts about fatigue and what members have found helpful in reducing CLL related fatigue, but eliminate your thyroid as the cause first.



Thanks Neil,

my TSH level was 75 and throxin is advised.

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With TSH of 75 you should definitely be taking Throxin

You need to talk to your doctor blood pressure probs will determine the size of dose

Kevin stem cell scouser


I have Crohn's along with CLL but my legs/feet being painful seems to be since getting CLL.

I take Amitriptyline in the evening & this allows me to sleep better as without it i was restless all night.

During the day when my legs hurt i go for a lay down & this helps.



Taking thyroxine as prescribed by your doctor should help your thyroid work normally

And make you feel less tired. Regular blood tests (ie once a year in my case) just keeps a eye on things and could be adjusted up or down if needed (dosage).

It should help with tiredness. Fatigue with CLL is another matter AAli and I do not think there is a solution as yet. If I'm wrong someone please tell me! I find resting with legs up helps and if possible 40 winks. I usually find this works for me and keeps me going most of the day. Very difficult to do if working I know . best to work out what works for you with trial and error. Good luck.

Hope this helps you.

Best wishes.


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Hi. I suffer with an under active thyroid too, once your dose is regulated this should aleviate SOME of the fatigue. However, this CLL is a different fatigue altogether. If, like me, you work full time and have other dependents rest is not an option. I try (don't always manage it) to eat a whole lot healthier than I did before. It's not easy is it? Mood can affect our fatigue levels too. Try to be positive (easier said than done I know!) Peggy


Yes Peggy, I also feel that mood matters alot. whenever i am depressed it increases fatigue level. You are absolutely right that it is easier to say STAY POSITIVE but person who is really facing this issue is in another frame of mind...but we have to manage it for ourself and for our beloved ones:)


Hi my wife has AML she started to feel much more tired than usual they did blood tests including thyroid and found a very under active thyroid the thyroid readings where through the roof the medication has now brought it under control she feels much more active now

Maybe you could talk to your doctor about it

I could give you the parameters

Used in the UK for thyroid if that would be of help

Good luck

Kevin the stem cell scouser


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