PaulaS - update for friends

Just back from visiting Paula. She and I have been very touched by all your comments on the earlier thread. Thank you so, so much for those and for all the prayers, thoughts, good wishes and vibes you've sent our way. They've had an impact.

In brief

- Wound healing very well.

- No test results showing any infection

- She's enjoying life more, walking round the ward etc


- Stomach area still distended

- Oedema (swelling from fluid) in legs. Wearing compression stockings

- Coughing painfully (cough now assumed not to be from infection)

- Very tired

- Treatment for CLL still suspended. To be reviewed in 10 days

- Maybe coming home by weekend

Many thanks again.


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  • Peter

    that's great news we all hope that Paula makes a good recovery,

    Take care all of you.


  • Well done Paula! X

  • Hoping you get to go home soon Paula so glad to hear your getting well .

    Bless you and your family .

  • All the best to Paula!

  • Returning home, good sign and positive medicine in itself. Great news.


  • Trundling along yesterday as I drove through the murk and gloom in the early morning I suddenly saw a squirel hop out the hedge and dance around, before hoping off again.

    Took that as a good sign.

    Many thanks Peter for the good news and really...

  • Give her our best wishes for a speedy recovery Peter!

    All good vibes being sent!


  • Only you Paula in the midst of the struggle to get better would have visited our community to see how everyone is getting along.

    I noted a like on my post when Peter posted about you, then realised a like in the reply box on all the messages was...

  • Warmest, positive thoughts to Paula and family.

  • Thinking and prayong gor you xxx keep ypur chon up x

  • Strong good wishes for continued improvement being sent from me too x

  • Wonderful news .I am so pleased that she is now on the road to recovery .Slowly but surely .

    Tell Paula I have been thinking of her every single day .

    Take care all of you it won't be long now before she is back home .


  • So happy Paula is on the mend and hope you get home soon.

    Take Care

    Elle xx

  • Hi Peter,

    Thanks for letting us know.

    Best wishes to you both


  • Peter - please pass on my best regards to Paula - Its so good to hear that she is ,making slow but positive recovery from her recent sudden problems and surgery.

    Paula knows that I am also taking the Idelaslib Drug - but with much lesser side...

  • Slowly but surely does it Paula. I am keeping you in my prayers daily until you post again telling us you are back on treatment!

  • Glad to hear your doing well Paula, Terry

  • Great news!

    Best wishes to you both


  • Peter, thankyou for your post, have been looking daily for an update.... so glad to hear the vibes are positive for Paula. "Always look on the bright side of life"b.w. hazel

  • This news is a chink of light into an otherwise grey day here.

    Thanks for the update Peter and make her behave herself and no over-doing it once you get her home! :-)

    Best wishes,

    Newdawn x

  • I would like to add my voice to all the other members of the community supporting you Paula. Stay strong and know that so many are wishing you and your family well

    Charlie Girl

  • All positive news which is the real bonus. Having recently had a hernia op I empathise over the wound and oedema. Also the coughing doesn't help.

    Keep on with the little steps and you move forward just as effectivly

  • That's a mood lifter Peter,so glad things are going positively.

    Get Well soon Paula x

    Best Wishes


  • Good Morning Paula and all of your Family,

    Wonderful news to hear you are home resting in your own bed and

    surrounded by your loved ones and eating home-cooked meals.

    I'm up early waiting for the sun to come over the farm and am

    feeding our...

  • Peter, thanks so much for the update on Paula, excellent news. So glad she is on the road to recovery and will soon be home with her family.

    Take care


  • Thanks for the update.So nice to have good news to start the day ! Paula has been through so much,you will both be in my thoughts and prayers. Warm wishes, Pumpkin


  • That's good news. Wishing you the best.


  • Best wishes for a most speedy recovery.

    God Bless!


  • Sending love and positive energy for your recovery Paula.

    Best regards,


  • Thank you for the update. So happy to hear of Paula's progress. Slow and steady wins the race! Wishing you continued steps in the right direction. Sending good wishes to all of you.

    With warmest regards,


  • Fabulous news....I am hoping worst bit over and done with and that the path to full recovery speeds up!


  • One day at a time Paula...thinking of you! Terry

  • Best Wishes Paula, wiganfan

  • Brilliant news, long may the upward trend continue. I'm sure Paula is all the better for the support you've been able to give her.

    Best wishes to you both,

    C x

  • Dear Paula,

    Wonderful news that you are on the mend! You're such an inspiration and special lady. My continued prayers and God's grace to you. Thank you Peter for keeping us updated.

    Take care of your sweetie.


    Paula M.

  • Good to hear she's on the mend & here's hoping it continues at a pace.

  • Thank you so much Peter for the update on Paula. It's lovely to hear she is doing well and could be home at the weekend. Take good care of yourselves, we are still sending good vibes your way!


  • That's good news, hope you continue to make good progress Paula.

    Best Wishes

  • Brilliant news Peter and thanks for updating. Paula you must take care not to overdo things if allowed home. Recovery is now on the way and just think Christmas is quite near. Something to look forward too! I think we all benefit from being at...

  • Thanks for the update Peter. Great news that Paula is starting to feel better. Best news I have had all week.

    Thinking of you all.

    NooNoo x

  • Thank you so much, all you lovely people, for all your kind words, prayers, and positive vibes. It has been heartwarming and a great encouragement.

    It's hard to type on phone but I'll write more when I get home. If all goes well I should...

  • Hugs to you Paula!

  • Fingers crossed for weekend Paula,

    And everything else crossed for a speedy recovery !!

    Keep trucking lovely lady XXX

    Love and hugs Jan XXX

  • Thinking of you! Hope you feel much better each new day.

    Hugs to both of you:)

  • Sending best wishes and get well hugs, to

    Paula...and to all of us. DeAnne

  • Bless you and your family!

    All the Best wishies to Paula!

  • Glad your recovering from what must of been a frightening time for you and your family, I hope your now at home in the warmth and surrounded by your loved ones,have a nice restful weekend lv Julia

  • Wishing Paula all the very best!

    Hope she will be hone soon Peter.



  • Hope you made it home for the weekend Paula, and that you continue well on the road to recovery.

    Best wishes,


  • Looking forward to welcoming you back here, Paula. Adding my prayers and support.

    Best wishes, Mike

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