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How changes in weather affect our health

How changes in weather affect our health

After a diagnosis of CLL, we become much more aware of every little change in our health, wondering whether our CLL has suddenly become more active. The uncertainty we face with the heterogeneous nature of CLL doesn't help! Seasonal changes can also play havoc with our health, particularly if we have allergies that are seasonally influenced. With our increased risk of infection with CLL, it can sometimes be difficult to know whether it's the weather or a bug that is making us feel unwell...

This article in which Merlin Thomas, Adjunct Professor of Preventive Medicine, Baker IDI Heart & Diabetes Institute in Melbourne, Australia, which explains how the changeable weather in Spring and Autumn can affect us, might just help us feel less concerned about that next change in our health:


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It's too bad that academics and researchers often have publishing quotas as this can cause meaningless pseudo-research papers to be circulated. The article in the link is one of those. There is no science, tests, statistics etc. contained in the article and it could be summed up in one phrase, "we just don't know."

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