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Idelalisib Plus Rituximab Highly Active in Treatment-Naïve Older Patients With CLL

This is a 'good news' story for CLL patients:

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What is Idelalisib? I had (4) treatments of Rituximab in hope to raise platelet count. Rituximab had no side effects. No real luck, platelet count went from 43 to 48. Due to drinking my Liver is not that good, but is functioning and is enlarged in addition with the spleen. I have about 5-7 % abnormalities in the marrow. Most CBC counts in the low range of normal. Mitch


There's a huge amount of information on Idelalisib if you use the site search:

Combinations of Rituximab with other drugs that are effective with CLL generally work far better than either Rituximab or the other drugs used alone.



It sounds like your treatment might have been for ITP, which causes low platelets, not for the CLL itself. There are other things used for ITP if rituxan doesn't work. Did your doctor tell you that the rituxan was specifically because of your low platelets?


My husband has been on Idelalisib/Rituximab for a month and the results up to now are very good, he was not able to have other meds due to a heart condition but this combination seems to be working, his bloods are looking good and he is feeling so much better. Hope it keeps going in the right direction.



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