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We all have our own personally unique iCloud (individually distinct personal microbial Cloud)

We all have our own personally unique iCloud (individually distinct personal microbial Cloud)

Remember boy bugs/girl bugs, cooties when you were a kid? Ahh the wisdom of the young!

"Humans harbor diverse microbial assemblages in and on our bodies, and these distinctly human-associated bacteria can be readily detected inside of buildings on surfaces, in dust, and as bioaerosols. Human-associated bacteria disperse into and throughout the built environment by three primary mechanisms: (1) direct human contact with indoor surfaces; (2) bioaerosol particle emission from our breath, clothes, skin and hair; and (3) resuspension of indoor dust containing previously shed human skin cells, hair and other bacteria-laden particles.



Our data make clear that an occupied space is microbially distinct from an unoccupied one, and reveal for the first time that individuals occupying a space can emit their own distinct personal microbial cloud. It is unsurprising that humans leave their microbial signature behind in the built environment or that inactive humans emit particles, but our study suggests that bacterial emissions from a relatively inactive person, sitting at a desk for instance, have a strong influence on the bacteria circulating in an enclosed space and on surrounding surfaces."

Full article:

Another good reason to practice good hand hygiene before you eat or touch your eyes, nose or lips...


Photo: Bugs are everywhere if you look closely enough

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Beautiful grasshopper - great that you noticed it, Neil.


I wouldn't have found and photographed it only I watched where it landed after is surprised me by jumping away from me as I was walking through the bush. Last Sunday, I noticed a spur wing plover/masked lapwing run towards me in a location a pair frequent. Most unusual behaviour! I hadn't seen them for quite a few weeks. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed two chicks running away from me and realised aha! That's why I haven't seen you lately, you've been incubating your chicks and now you want to distract me. So I quietly walked after the chicks, but quickly lost them, then got startled when a rabbit shot away from me. It had been about 2 metres from me at the base of a gum tree. I'm sure I'd see far less wildlife if they stayed where they were!

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