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Temperature & CLL

Hi, Can any one guide how temperature behaves in CLL? And how to identify that temperature is due to CLL or any infection?

I was having infection and it recovered in 12-14 days. But almost a week after that still having having temperature. I t remain 99-102 degree (maximum of time it remains around 100. When take any medicine aspirin/paracetamol then it goes down with sweat and after some time again rises.

Also doctor identified nodules in my thyroid gland but he said that biopsy will be done once my temperature issue is resolved.

Very much worried, please guide

Best regards

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You are worrying again!

Temperature increase is normally associated with infection and here in the UK it is recommended that any temperature over 37.5c should be reported and help asked for.

Cll patients have reported hot flushes as a common side effect of the condition and I certainly found that this was a common occurrence for me.

If you are getting medical advice then trust your team!

You do seem to worry about things and this can't be helping your condition as a positive outlook is essential with CLL!

Stop worrying start living again!


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